Below you can see upcoming and past concerts taking place in the workshop of reusser guitars.
Feel free to reach out directly to reusser guitars with any questions regarding the concerts.

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!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
Last gig of the season! Send me a message if You want to be part of it!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Check them out - they're brilliant!!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Two Musicians each doing their own thing... Both have amazing voices!!! Go check them online and send me a message reserve yourself a seat!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! This is going to be a very colorful evening at Reusser Guitars. While we often welcome Musicians from other Countries, this evening will be dedicated to some Local heroes... Mia Kieny is a singer/songwriter based in Interlaken. I became aware of her beautiful voice when she sang a song after a gig in Brienz... Robin is my cousin and a great guitar player! He's gonna play some of his favourite songs on the acoustic guitar and give You an introduction to what it means if someone says "acoustic fingerstyle"... Magnus & Lucius are well known to most of the Brienz-Audience! They are both from Berne too and play folk tunes from all over the world on Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin & Violin... You should not resist the temptation - just send me a message and sign up for this great evening of live music!!!
!!! UPDATE: SOLD OUT !!! You don't want to miss this gig.
!!! UPDATE: SOLD OUT !!! You don't want to miss this gig.
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Our good friend Rhob is more than just a fine musician! His songs are one of a kind and so are the stories that go with them... You will close your eyes and dream away, you'll probably be shocked once or twice too... definately laugh alot... and after all the unpredictable - You'll be going home with the warm feeling of knowing that You have just met a true artist sharing his craft...
It's the first time we get to welcome Niamh Regan on our stage in Brienz. I remember how i listened to her song "save the day". It was the very first time our little son Marius stood up in the middle of the living room - just to "dance" to this great song he was hearing for the very first time... We are excited to have Niamh here! Please check out her music and send me a message if You'd like to be here for this gig!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Blattspinat... Yes, on a monday night... No info of the band to be found online - that's correct! So why should i even bother coming??? Because it will be special and You wouldn't want to miss it! Two voices, beautiful harmonies, guitar and piano... Text me to reserve a seat :-)
Start of the concert series up at BERGHAUS BREITLAUENEN! For the past 5 years, we've always opened the concert season with a gig way up at Gaulihütte. This year, the cabin remains closed due to major maintenance work being done. Instead, Mark Geary will be playing the first gig of the season up in Beautiful Breitlauenen! It's a 3 hour hike from Wilderswil, or a beautiful trainride with the Schynige Platte Bahn... get in touch for details...
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Susan O'Neill has a voice you want to hear live. Seats will be limited. Send me an email if you want to be part of it. If the website says SOLD OUT, then please don't send me emails asking for seats... Very much looking forward to this gig - it's gonna be a good one!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! John is an exceptional guitar player, writes beautiful songs, and his voice is not too shabby either ;-) Check out his music and hear for yourself! This will be a wonderful final gig of the season!!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Andrea's extraordinary guitar playing will blow You away... a spectacular live show awaits ;-) get in touch to reserve a seat!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Peter Doran is back! Very excited!!! Check out his music and get in touch to reserve your seat!
Last years gig was cancelled due to the pandemic... Now we're excited to have Inni-K back in Brienz! Check out her music and get in touch to reserve your seat! Covid Certificate required!
!!! CANCELLED !!! Mick Flannery & Susan O'Neill - In the game - added extra show - so looking forward to this!!! - please note this is an early show, make sure you can get to Brienz in time!!! - covid certificate required! - get in touch via email if You want to be part of it! - all the best, rene
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Rhob Cunningham... legend, one of a kind type of person :-) we love him... covid certificate required
Hayley has been here before - and everyone loved it :-) Check out her Music and get in touch if You want to come to her gig - it's gonna be great! covid certificate required
Two Guys, 4 Instruments... Guitar, Fiddle, Accordion and Mandolin... Magnus & Lucius play beautiful folk songs that they've collected from all over the place... Very much looking forward to this :-)
The Bowmans are back with a BRAND NEW ALBUM! I met them during their first Swiss tour, probably ten years ago! Glad to have them back for another visit in Brienz! Check them out and get in touch if You'd like to come to this gig!
The Ocelots... they're brilliant. Get in touch if You want to come to this gig!
First gig of the Season 2021! As we have done for the past four years, we will get this season started up in the alpine cabin, 2205 meters above sea level! Check to reserve a place for that night! Please do your research first - the trail up there is not just a walk in the park... Looking forward to see You up there!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! The start of the season at Gaulihütte is sold out!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Mark is great. Let's all come to this gig.
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Description only available when page is set to Swiss Language...
!!! SOLD OUT !!! This is gonna be great! Those seats won't be around forever… better be quick!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Want to hear a great Singer/Songwriter from Bern? Trummer sings his Songs in Swiss German - you'll love it!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Hayley had her debut at reusserguitars as the final gig of last years Season! It was Beautiful! We are excited to have her back again!!! As i am writing this, there are only a few seats left… be quick :-)
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! just read the stuff in Swiss German for now - i'm too slow with typing… or just sign up for that gig - you won't regret it i promise :-)
!!! SOLD OUT !!! I had heard the Bowmans about 10 years ago when they did a Swiss tour together… I'm excited that they are making it happen again - and even happier about the fact that they are making it happen in Brienz!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! EXTRA GIG Because the Saturday gig has sold out so quickly, we decided to do an extra gig on Sunday night… be quick :-)
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Our friend Peter Doran played what i would call the perfect gig, when he was here last year for the Gaulihütte Adventure and another gig here at ours. This year he is returning with his friend Brian Murphy! Can't wait!!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Mark Geary will bring his beautiful music and sure some stories to go with them :-) He was the first one to play a gig here after we had moved in - it's great to have him back for another one!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Two days after kicking off the season up in the Alps, Rhob will play a second gig here in our place in Brienz! Get in touch if You'd like to be there!!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Opening of this years concert Season @ Gaulihütte! Long story short: First gig of the Season will not be in Brienz! Instead we will visit our Friends Fränzi and Teddy at their cabin way up in the Alps! No roads to get there! Everyone who wants to be at the gig will have to take on a hike of around 5 hours. Up in the cabin Fränzi will await us with warm Food and a cozy room. The concert is likely to be an all acoustic performance… If You want to be part of this please sign up with Fränzi through We are Looking Forward to this, see you there! René with Mirjam, Fränzi and Teddy
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Andrea will blow you away.
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Andrea will blow you away.
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Not many can play their Instrument like Thomas can! Some serious skills going on there and even if you know nothing about guitars - you'll be happy to have experienced his playing live!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Tächa are three men performing their original music on Guitar, Swiss Accordion and Double Bass. The Instruments remind us of traditional Swiss-Folk music. But Tächa Songs are not to be put in a certain drawer... they're as unique as the individuals in the band... surprise yourself to this one!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Another Brienz-classic! We always laugh a lot, we always get to hear our favourite Songs, and we always get surprised with some new ones we haven't heard before... Don't wait forever to sign up for this one... or it may be too late...
!!! SOLD OUT !!! what a lovely start into 2018 :-) Her original Songs accompanied by piano, Ukulele or violin? We shall find out... Stop by for a cozy relaxed evening after those stressful Christmas days...
!!! SOLD OUT !!! John and me have been talking about a gig in Brienz for a long time. Last concert Season we made it happen and it was such a great evening! Mirjam and me are both excited that we get to have John back for another gig! Sign up is required as always, so please send me an email and i will confirm as soon as i've put your Name on the list! All the best, rene
Two Bands share the evening - so there will be a lot to hear for You! Would be great if we had You here for this one! Just give me a shout via email and i'll put You on the List
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Wes and Marcus are back!!! It's been too long! A classic not to miss...
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Mark was the very first musician to play our stage after we had moved into our new place. He came and won the crowd with his music and stories! A great evening was had and we are very happy to have him back! Please give us a shout to reserve your seat - i will personally confirm every text received. Looking Forward to see You, rene & mirjam
great lyrics, great music, great humour... If You fancy going on a night out to see someone unique sharing his own selfmade music - then this one is for You... surprise yourself - it will be good :-)
After kicking off the Season high up in the alps, Peter will Play a gig here in Brienz! Everyone who can't make it up to Gaulihütte on the friday is very welcome to come to this one in our dear home :-) Please sign up via email and i'll get back to You!
Opening of the concert season @ Gaulihütte! Peter Doran is not only a great musician, he is also a good friend of us. It's a great Feeling to know, that he will kick of next season's gigs with a Special concert up there @ Gaulihuette! Getting there is a bit of a hike (2205 Meters above Seelevel) but the sights, Peters Music and Fränzi and Teddy's hospitality will be well worth the effort. If You're interested in this please get in touch! All the best, rene
Enjoy the summer! We are taking a break :-) Take care and hopefully see You all in September!
!!! SOLD OUT !!! John Smith combines beautiful songwriting with brilliant guitarplaying skills and a character voice. I'm a huge fan and very very happy that he will stop by here on his upcoming tour to share his music with us! If You want to have a seat better be quick and write me a message! All the best, rene & mirjam
!!! SOLD OUT !!! I'm very happy to announce this gig! Very cool of Luka Bloom to stop by at our little place! We will all have a great evening :-) If you want to be part of this you should write me a message soon, so i can put your name on the list. There will be food and drinks as always. Those gigs here survive because People pay what they can at the end of every gig. Hope to see You soon, rene & mirjam
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Tächa are back in town! Guitar, Swiss accordion, double bass and the voice of Ueli Von Allmen! Not traditional Swiss music as you might expect it... i don't know... i just like it! That accordion is the freest one you'll ever hear :-) If You like to have a seat for this evening please sign up via mail, facebook or text message... i will confirm every request personally... all the best, rene
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Rhob Cunningham is a singer/songwriter from Ireland whose Music was brought to me by a friend. I love it very much and Mirjam and me are both very excited that he will be playing here just a day after St.Patricks day :-) Please get in touch to reserve yourself a seat - this is going to be a good one!
EXTRA SHOW: We decided to do an extra Show on sunday evening since the saturday Show is already sold out. If You're interested please get in touch by email to sign up for this event :-)
!!! SOLD OUT !!! Andrea Valeri is back for a spectacular evening of fingerstyle guitar! Beautiful melodies, impressive guitar playing skills, served by the italian Maestro :-) If everything works out Marco Habegger will be there too and throw in some of his guitar Magic! If You want to enjoy this concert better don't wait too Long... write me a message an make sure i'll reserve a seat for you!
!!!SOLD OUT!!! We are very happy to have him back again!!! This time it will be the release gig of his new Album!!! Seats will go fast for this one - so if you don't want to miss this better don't wait for too long... Very happy to receive your mail or text and i will confirm your seats as soon as i have typed it onto the list... See You there, rene
!!!SOLD OUT!!! It will be the first time for Peter Doran to play in Brienz. I've heard him live before: Beautiful Songs, character voice, very friendly Person... You can't go wrong really with that one! Just send me an email and let me know how many seats you need - and i will get back to you to let you know if your seats are reserved or if we're sold out...
!!!SOLD OUT!!! Inni-K from Ireland are back for a cozy sunday evening gig :-) This time most likely as a Duo! Check Youtube for a sample of their Music and then give us an email to make sure we Keep a seat for You! great homemade Food and Drinks as always... see You soon :-) rene & mirjam
!!!SOLD OUT!!! Irish Singer/Songwriter Mark Geary will be the very first man on stage in our new place! We are very excited and hope to see You all :-) Sign up is required as always - You can email me or give me a text and i will confirm your message! Any questions just give me a shout... see You soon, rene & mirjam
NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE! Or else he has fooled me too :-)... Thomas is spectacular on the acoustic guitar! Go check him out on Youtube and you'll know what i'm talking about! He is one of those guys You have to seen live!!!
!!!SOLD OUT!!! Dermot Kennedy is a very talented singer/Songwriter from Dublin. He has some voice!!! Give me a shout so i can get a seat reserved for You - You'll not regret coming to this one!!! SOLD OUT!!!
Guitar magic in a very intimate location! The Italian fingerstyle guitarist is back in Brienz for another concert. He is an exceptional player and delivers a spectacular show everytime he’s on our little stage here in the Swiss Alps. Our friend Marco Habegger is gonna bring his guitar along too! All i can say is: „be quick signing up for this - when they’re gone they’re gone
Last year Ueli Von Allmen played at our place with his band Tächa. This year he is gonna play fort he first time with a new trio! Dina Xiang on vocals, Stefan Dorner on keys and Ueli Von Allmen on vocals and guitar. Come and surprise yourself to a Musical treat!
In november Sarah and Coal have already played at our place as part of the „Kunstnacht“. Now we are looking forward to have them back for an entire evening of live music. Wonderful harmonies accompanied by cello and guitar – this is going to be good. You can get your seats by sending an email to me. I’ll get back to You to confirm.
There are musicians who could easily entertain the whole audiance without playing a single note. Gus MacGregor tells the stories that led him to writing a particular song. Observations, different perspectives. If You like witty lyrics, skillful guitarplaying and melodies that will stick with You for a good while, then You will enjoy Gus MacGregor’s gig at reusser guitars! UPDATE: there aren’t any seats left for this gig!
Great night was had!!! The gig was over before i even put it on the Website :-) Full House anyways :-)
Great night was had !!! The gig was over before i even put it on the Website :-) Full House anyways :-)
Sie sind zurück! Wes Grierson und Marcus Kearney kommen für zwei Konzerte nach Brienz! Wes Grierson hat eine unverkennbare Stimme und ist obendrauf ein begnadeter Gitarrist. Seine Lieder sind nachdenklich, kraftvoll und abwechslungsreich. Marcus Kearney setzt mit seiner Arbeit an den Tasten den Songs das Krönchen auf... Weil die Beiden auch grooviges mögen wird garantiert keiner in der Melancholie ertrinken... Alles in Allem: Wer die Beiden noch nicht kennt, sollte sich bald ein Plätzchen reservieren...
The Swiss/German description of the gig is saying that Lisa is brilliant and that everyone who likes great original Music should not miss this gig... and since this is absolutely true You should come to the gig too! Warm welcoming atmosphere with great music, a great crowd and a homemade food buffet... mail me to get on the list :-)
I met Dermot Kennedy at Glen Hansard's gig at vicar street Dublin in december 2014. The Singer/Songwriter came on stage as Special guest and he was brilliant! We are happy to have him here at Reusser guitars for the very first time. This will be the last gig of this winter's season and it would be great to get the place packed one last time before we take our summer break.
They came, sat down and blew away everyones expectations... That's about how one could sum up last years gig of Sarah and Coal! Sarah with Cello and guitar, coal with guitar, both with beautiful voices that go so well together! Make sure to put a mark in your planner and sign up for this evening of beautiful live Music!
What can i say... so much passion for Music... Tächa will be here with guitar, double bass and Swiss accordion. Traditional instruments paintings Pictures... just come and hear for yourselves :-)
After having lived in Bern for the past 7 years, this fall Gus will move back to the UK with his Family. We are happy to anounce that Gus will be coming back to Switzerland for this gig at reusser guitars! Please sign up early enough as this gig will be full in not too much time!!!
The singer/songwriter from the north of Ireland will be in Switzerland for the very first time! great voice and songs that wont leave your head too quickly :-) We have not met Jonny in a long time- so we are all really looking forward to this gig! Be great if we can welcome him in a full house for his first Swiss gig!
Thomas Leeb! Coming to Brienz from sunny California he will Show us that a guitar can not only be played the "standard way"... Lot's of groove and rythm- amazing to listen and watch! We are looking forward to having him here - a gig during the week for a change.
The class fingerstyle guitarist returns! Anytime he steps on stage here in Brienz, he knows how to blow the crowd away :-) 23 years old he has already played gigs all around the globe! Everyone coming to the gig will get to hear a Performance full with rich melodies, grove and italian Temperament... don't miss it :-)